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OKGO Carbon E-Bike

Born for high performance. The Carbon E-Bike is build with carbon fiber textile. This bike can reach not only high battery duration, but light weight for the riders to get the ultimate riding experience.

The global warming  is one of the most sephere issue which we need to solve in order to save our earth. Especially in metropolitpon area of each country, vehicles produce massive amount of CO2.

The Carbon E-Bike give the urban commuters a new choice, and more healthy and green way to enjoy their daily routine.


Zero CO2 Emission 

Lower Traffic Jam

Zero CO2 Emission 

Through OKGO's SI technology and eSIM system, we provide a excellent product with ultra high performance.

We hope each owner of this Carbon E-Bike can experience the amazing User-Experience  and the proudness which OKGO wants to share when you are riding.

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