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You Ride In Simplicity

We Give You More

OKGO’s vision is to become a network of professionals who committed to provide the hardware, the software and the iCloud database for any electric transportation, and provide the solution of One-stop Intelligent Electric Vehicle R&D and Manufacturing services.

In recent years, the demand for E-bikes in the European and American markets has greatly increased. Make E-Bike become parts of the 3C category will be the key competition in the market. OKGO provides the secret weapon, which can help brands and car manufacturers be quickly upgraded. Obviously, this is the mission of OKGO and the core value of the brand.


IoT application and system integration are OKGO's core competitive value! OKGO aims to masximize the flexibility of the System Integration Board, which is the Gateway for solution suppliers.


Our target is to lower the bar for our partners who want to join this industry, and provide our customers multiple choices which best meet their needs.

Our Platform Partners

We have kinds of suppliers to support our specification that we provide to clients, such as battery BMS, motor controller, docking & charging, speech recognition, fingerprint recognition, face ID, NFC+RFID and more to be continuing expanded on OKGO’ s platform.

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