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Strategy & Vision

OKGO'S vision is to provide our clients and partners a complete product design development process, from the very beginning of design, to the end to lunch to the market.


Each brand owners and operators can easily enter our survice platform to become our business partner, or let OKGO be your biggest supporter. 




After design process, we transfer design into precise dimensions, which is the right size for testing.




Our core expertise, which is the system integration, will make each solution of our product roadmap an unique one on the market.



With over 20 years of experience, we have strong fundamental of knowledge in bike industry, and stable suppliers to support us build high quality products.



We dedicate to become the best partner and supporter to our clients.

Industrial Design


We realize our clients' needs and make deep research to know the competitors and the market. And make attractive design. 



We improve our design through the prototyping process, to make sure each design can be produced successfully.




Our electronic engineer will take care the inner neural connection which connected to each components.



Our advanced assembly line and welly trained workers can make sure each piece of product is being took care in an appropriate way.

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